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The precision metal stamping process, used to fabricate components of varying material, thickness’, size and configurations, touches a diversity of industries; appliances, automotive, medical, construction, aerospace, disk drive, audio / video, computer, watch and instrument; and embraces such related functions as cutting, forming, cutting & forming, stamping assembly operations.

The scope of this process of manufacturing has permitted precision stamping to play an integral roll in bringing in new products and technologies to the market, thus facilitating product enhancements, and improving the methods of manufacturing.
This being the core of our business, Adroit’s investment plans are for both the high and low range of press tonnage.
Adroit tools
Higher to accommodate progressive tools for larger components, thus minimizing scrap levels. Introducing the smaller range with higher speeds will effectively cut down prices and get us to be more competitive by both pricing and Quality in the market.

With a combination of highly qualified Machinists and Journeymen Tool & Die makers expertise,
we strive to always meet the stringent quality demands and integrate the best solutions for each
application, from the tool development and design stages to the realization process with tool assembly and in-house production.
Adroit tools